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Classic Vintage Tile

 Vintage Bathroom Tile

Classic Vintage tile including, Subway tile, Octagon mosaic tile, , Hexagon mosaics, Basketweave, or pinwheel tile is a classic yet very beautiful look. The city of Royal Oak Michigan is a primary example of why the vintage bathroom tile is still so popular. Homeowners in Royal Oak want to keep there vintage bathroom tile look, but cant stand the old grout, or can't  get there tile close to the original finish so they upgrade.They don't change the look they just upgrade to a brand new version of the subway tile, or classic mosaic floor tiles.

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Subway Tile is Back!. Troy Tile is the largest stocking dealer of subway tile, hexagon,octagon, and pinwheel patterns. The classic look will give you a great vintage bathroom at an affordable price.
Pinwheel Tile

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Subway Tile

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