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Frequently Asked Questions

If I drop something on my kitchen floor, is it going to crack the tile?

It depends, ceramic tile is very durable, if you drop a glass or dish, the glass or dish will most likely break, depending on the angle and force of the contact, the tile may be susceptible to cracking.

How can you tell if the grout joints need to be resealed?

If you put a few drops of water on the grout and they bead up, the sealer is OK. If the water absorbs into the grout, it is time to reseal.

Is it difficult to replace a broken tile?

Something like this should be left to a professional. The grout around the broken tile is removed first, then the broken tile is carefully removed using a hammer and chisel. (Don't forget to wear goggles). Scrape up all the hard mortar or adhesive. Then replace the tile and regrout.

How can I drill a hole through porcelain tile?

The only thing hard enough to drill through porcelain is a diamond drill bit.

What size does your hexagon tile come in?

They are 1” hexagon tiles.

What does "COF" mean?

Coefficient of Friction (“COF) is the relative slip resistance of tile.  The measurements disclosed are designed to be one important factor to consider in evaluating slip resistance. Other factors can affect slip resistance, such as the degree of wear on the shoe and flooring material; presence of foreign material, such as water, oil and dirt; the length of the human stride at the time of slip; type of floor finish; and the physical and mental condition of humans.